Hamster: Pets for Working People

2 Nov

If you asked me “do you like hamster?” when I was younger, I would say “no”.

I always thought they are stinky , always bite you, and what’s the point of petting them if you can play around with them?

In fact, they are not stinky if you take care of them carefully, they never biteΒ  if you have gained their trust, and you can always have fun with them even they can’ t play catch a ball with you :D.

But..I changed my mind when I adopted my first hamster. Around May 2011, I was so depressed, and I thought having a pet will help me through that.

One day, a friend of mine offer me to pet a baby hamster (she have had 4 hamsters that time, so she didn’t need a new ones :D). And I say yes. And I love it πŸ™‚

Here it is. It’s a she, named Muffin.

Fell in love with her in no time.

Having her has changed my mind about petting hamsters. I used to think hamsters are pets for kids. But now, having pet hamsters for about 5 months,Β  I think hamsters are more suitable for working people. Why?

  1. You can leave them at home while you’ re working without worrying they will miss you when you’re not around (They are nocturnal animal, so they sleep during the day).
  2. When you got home after working all day, they’ re awake and ready to greet you πŸ™‚
  3. They don’ t need much time to be taken care.
  4. They’ re small in size, so adults could handle them better than children do (but make an exception if it’ s to teach children about responsibilities of having pets and they are supervised by their parents).

There are still some cons though..

First, their activities are a bit monotonous. More or less those are eating, running in the wheel, playing with other hamster, and sleeping. If you get bored easily, this might be a problem for you. But I’m sure if you love them enough, you’ ll always think they do something new everyday :D.

Second, sometimes they bite. It’s their nature to bite if they feel insecure or mad at you because you wake them while they were sleeping, or mistaken your finger as their food (they have poor eyesight).

And third, they don’ t like to linger like cats or dogs. Sometimes they don’t enjoy if you put them on your hand for a long time (but some of my hamsters enjoy walking around at my legs or arms..haha). I personally don’ t mind if I have spoiled pets, because I find that pets are cuter that way πŸ™‚

But they are still cute and addictive. Especially for busy working people who don’t have much time and love cute animal πŸ™‚

What do you think? Anyone here have an experience of petting a hamster? πŸ˜€


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