What to Buy in Korea?

21 Nov

Back from my vacation to South Korea πŸ˜€

I always see Korea as the land of romanticism and of course..skin care & cosmetics! Hahaha..

Well, actually Korea are popular with their ginseng, a herb (it counts as herb, right? Right??) that have many benefits (anti-aging, immune system, fertility, etc) for human body. The price for ginseng goods are quite expensive, even in Korea, because it takes years just to plant and harvest them.

IfΒ  you want to know about ginseng, you can read it here or browse them through other site, there are a lot of explanation about them πŸ™‚

Now, onto more girly section..skin care & cosmetics!

“But I can find Korean cosmetic easily near my place”, you might say. Yes. But in Korea, I guaranteed they are much more cheaper.

In my case, I live in Indonesia, which I can find Korean cosmetic shops such as Etude House, Skin Food, The Face Shop, etc in here. I rarely buy from the store, I prefer to buy it online, and I thought there’s only slight difference between online price and real price in Korea.

But I was wrong.

Example: the same product, in Korea it’s KRW 10,000 (around $10 0r IDR 80,000), via online shop, it’s IDR 135,000 (around $16 or KRW 17,000) in official store in Indonesia, it’s IDR 280,000 (around $35 or KRW 35,000).

Wow. Maybe the deviation is for SA salary, store rental fee, import tax..but still, while you’re there and you like Korean cosmetics, I encourage you to buy them, since it’s like you could save a lot rather than you buy them at your own country πŸ˜€

During my 8 days trip, I bought these:

From Etude House, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Missha, Baviphat, Skin79, The Saem

I didn’t buy them all in once..it’s like buying little by little, and then suddenly my luggage became so full of them..haha

From my experiences, buying cosmetic is best in Dong Dae Mun, because the sales assistants are so nice and they understand English a bit. Especially at Doota!, at the 5th floor, it’s like cosmetic paradise πŸ˜€

There are Korean SA who can understand English, Japanese, & Chinese..but it’s not many, except at duty free shop. But you will get less (or sometimes not at all) free samples if you bought Korean cosmetics at duty free shop 😦

The samples I got (excluded the samples I gave to my mom):

Korean cosmetics also good as gift!

hand creams from The Face Shop..don't they look cute?

For people you’re hesitant to give skin care, you can give them basic item like lip care or lip balm:

lip balms, also from The Face Shop

You don’t even need to wrap them, since they come in cute and beautiful design πŸ˜€

And if you like jewelries, you might like this:

the flowers belong to my mom πŸ˜‰

Amethyst! It’s a violet variety ofΒ quartz often used in jewelry. Yes, I copied from wikipedia..hehe

Sorry for the crap photo..took the photo at night and my camera couldn’t take the beautiful purple color well >__<

Bought 3 of them for $30. Actually it was my mom who like it so much, I took little interest when I saw them. But then you have to buy a set of 3 for the $30, so I chose one, and after I wear it recently, I like it! πŸ˜€

That’s all for now..will write about souvenirs next time. And I’ve been thinking to do reviews about the skin care and cosmetics..stay tuned and thanks for reading! πŸ˜‰


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