Korea Trip: Nami Island

23 Nov

Went there at November 2011. So I could get the autumn feel. So excited because there’s no autumn season here, in Indonesia :)

What’s there at Nami Island?

Nami Island located in Bangha-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si was not an island originally. It is an island of the Bukhangang River, which was made as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. Its circumference is about 6Km, and its area is 430,000. There are a grassplot of 260,000 in the center of the island, and chest-nut trees and poplars around it. This place is fit for a walkway. (via lifeinkorea.com)

To go there, we must cross the river by a ferry. The view from the ferry deck:

It didn’t take long to cross the river. Just about 10 minutes. Then here we come, Nami Island!

Had no idea why it's called "republic"..

The wonderful trees at Nami Island:

do you get the romantic feel? :D

There’s also flowers at Nami Island..

who's that girl? That's me! haha..

If you lucky enough, you’ll find this too..


Take a closer look at the leaves:

Maple leaves..


I edited this one, because the weather was so cloudy..is it too much? >__<

Ginko leaves..

Found this beautiful spot. Guess what was the green things attached at the bridge..leaves? No! It’s pressed bottle!

doesn't look cheesy..does it?:D

Korean people really know how to reuse things. They make lots of decoration from wasted bottles, cans, and I saw kitchen utensils used as decoration! Too bad I couldn’t take picture of it..I only got picture of these pressed cans, used as a stage decoration:

All in all, so many good spots at Nami Island..every view is just beautiful and breathtaking. Also, this island always has romantic ambience..so many couple walk hand-in-hand, couple riding bicycle together, happy newlyweds with their kids..(I went there with my family. Wish my bf was there too..haha)

This island also famous because¬† popular Korean drama, “Winter Sonata”, was filmed in here. You might have watched it. There are Winter Sonata billboard, and a house full of photos of “winter-sonata-look-a-like-pose”.¬† I’m not big fans of Bae Yong Jun (even, I wonder what was good from him. Sorry, BYJ fans..:D).

Well, that’s all for now. I recommend you to visit Nami Island if you happen to go to Korea. Don’t forget to bring your loved one to take romantic photos ;)

Thanks for reading!

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