Etude House Pink Tonic Lip Glass Review

3 Dec

First time I saw this lip glass, I kinda hesitate to buy it, because the color is like..transparent.

I thought the color pay-off was bad, that this is just some sheer color lip glass.

But how I was wrong!

This is how the lip glass looks in its bottle..

I got mine #3, the peach shade.

The packaging is very Etude and sweet!

see? almost transparent..

How does it look on the lips? Look at the picture below,  I put it on my lips and my hand.

The lip glass is gradually become pinker and pinker (no peach shade at all, although I picked the peach one!).

The shade is more like hot pink in real (my camera couldn’t took the color well..haha).

I kinda disappointed because I want the color to be peach shade, but this one is hot pink, which I can pull off everyday (peach shade is more wearable to me).

But, staying power is so..good that after I rubbed my hand (many times, believe me) with tissue and my finger, it’s still stay there!

Wow. It’s like the combination of lip tint and lip gloss. With the strong formula, I think this will make my sensitive skin (I have tons of allergies..) react or what, but it doesn’t. Etude House lip glosses always have the best formula, I think.

To sums up,

Packaging          : 3/5 (nothing special, just minimalistic sweet)

Scent                   : 3/5 (hmm..nothing particular, almost unnoticed)

Formula            : 5/5 (non sticky, but not runny too, doesn’t react on sensitive skin)

Color pay-off   : 3/5 (if I want the hot pink shade, I’ll give it 5. But the color is so much different from the label’s name, “peach” and the look from the bottle)

Staying power: 5/5 (it’s like you infuse pink tonic to your lips. Hey, so the lip glass’ name is very suitable :D)


If you expect to have peach lip gloss, don’t buy it. You’ll get the hot pink shade instead. But, people who love hot pink lip tint with glossy effect will love it! The staying power is just so super strong, and it’ s suitable for sensitive lips.

I wondered, does it come hot pink in other people too, or just me?

Have anyone tried?:D


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