Korea Trip: Mount Sorak

5 Dec

Continuing my previous post about my vacation to Korea.
After visiting Nami Island, the tour travel took us to Mount Sorak.
We stayed at a nice apartment-style hotel around there. Take a look at this..

Looks like apartment 😀

Everything in the room was so natural-brown-pastel-color..the paint, the floor, the curtain, the furniture, just name it.

homey room..

The view from the balcony..wonderful autumn color!

I tried to sleep with traditional style, it’s called “ondol” in here. You may recognize that Japanese also sleep this way. The differences are, Japanese use tatami (a type of mat, made by rice straw) and the floor is non-heated. While Korean use wooden floor, and it’s heated, so even if you sleep on floor at winter, you’ll always get warmed :).

So what’s there at Mount Sorak? There’s temple, like this..

The gate. If you can read kanji, read it from right to left 🙂

It looks like shiny and warm. But it was quite cold, actually..

Grand Bronze Buddha

On the Buddha's forehead, it's diamond! It's sure hard to steal it..haha

Streets with trees on its each side..

look at the gradation of the leaves!

And there’s a bridge over stoned river..(where’s the water? Maybe no water in autumn?)

Youth fountain (I took a sip. Maybe it’ll work as anti aging? Lol.)

They provide some cable trains (at additional fee, of course), so you can go to the peak by riding it.

And..here’s the view you’ll get when you are at the peak of Mount Sorak!

Be sure to wear thick coat or jacket if you plan to go to the peak. In my brother’s watch, the temperature showed at 0.8 Celsius! Geez..so freaking cold for tropical human like me..and the wind was so strong that I was so scared I would fell off!

see how the leaves was blown so hard

Find this cute direction board..how lovely! Can’t resist to take picture of it.

Why bear? It’s said that there are wild bears at this mountain..Korean bear (the one with the V mark on its chest). But I didn’t meet any. They look so cute in vector images..I wonder if they look as cute as that in reality :D.

Well, that’s all for today. Onto next post 😉



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