Ban Bear Farms in Korea – Save Bears

8 Dec

Don’t you love bears? They are cute and have that special magnet to make you want to hug them :D.

I was curious about how Korean bear looks like, because in Korea, there are Teddy Bear Museum (will post later ;)),  very cute vector images of bears are featured at sign board at the mountain, and there were a lot of bear related souvenirs like little teddy bear charm wearing hanbok (Korean traditional clothes). So I thought Korean people must love the bears very much.

I searched at google, and found their pictures..

A bit unrelated, but this one remind me of my hamster, Stanley..

he's one fluffy puffy and healthy hamster 😀

The bears are cute, right? I got the first picture from I thought this is just an organization providing information all about Korean bear. Hoping to see more cute photos of Korean bear, I found something I never imagined.

Apparently, the bear farms at Korea treat the bears poorly. There’s a story of Miracle, the lost bear. She ran away from the farm because she no longer able to cope with the pain of bile extraction and agony of mental terror. If you are a sucker for animal abusing like me, prepare your heart before reading these..

The bile farm is small, filthy and miserable for bears. For Miracle, it was a torture chamber. The couple fed her pig’s food, and sometimes even meat from the flesh of other bears. All day and night she laid in her own filth, locked in a cage that was never cleaned.

All resident moon bears can be seen sitting in their own feces, looking utterly lifeless. The Farms 4 bear cubs live in separate cages from their parents and are 5 months old. Also present is one 3-legged moon bear that is kept isolated in a small cage- obviously traumatized, and moving endlessly, showing his temper. He is a young bear cub of approximately one year.

Farmer Lee has admitted to selling bears, regardless of age, to anyone who wants their gall bladders, their meat or their limbs. He doesn’t consider their pain or death. For Lee and his fellow bile farmers, bears are not fellow Earth Beings; they are a commodity, a product to broker for personal gain. He feels free of moral responsibilities.

Just reading that makes me feel terrible :(. How come they did that? It’s so cruel..

Why can the bears live happily and freely in the forest, where they’re belong?

I don’t say that I’m an animal expert, or I treated animals better than anyone here, but I know what they do at bear bile farm isn’t right. It’s all wrong. It’s a practice that should never have started.

So we just sit,  hope they’ll be stopping soon, and do nothing? No! There is one easy way which you can contribute to save the bears, through signing the petition. are holding a petition against South Korean goverment’s bear farming policy. It’s just few clicks away 🙂

Sign the petition here.

By using a little of your time clicking and spreading the words, we can save Miracle and other bears to have a better life and future. If you want to know more about this campaign (and seeing pictures that make your heart crumbled..), donate, or volunteering, you can visit their website.

So let’s make a better world where human and animal can get along peacefully! 🙂

Have you signed the petition? Wow, great! Here’s something that the bear want to say to you:D

photo taken from, edited by me, but I'm sure they will say the same 🙂


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