Skin Food Honey Glossy Rouge Review

6 Jan

Good bye 2011, welcome 2012! Happy (belated) New Year, all! 😀

I wanted to wait ’till my hard disk is recovered, but I miss blogging so I took some new pictures, and made this review :). Maybe if all my data in the HD could be saved, I’ll upload the better pictures..wish me luck..

So! Anyone ever heard of this lippie? Here it is..

The packaging comes in plastic, but it’s painted in silver metal-like, so it gives the  product “the expensive feel”.

I bought no. 606, and don’t know the lippie’s name, ‘coz I don’t read Korean :D.

As always, the skin food angel is encrusted at it..

So, what about the color? It comes in peachy nude, if you confused, just look at this one below..

This one also has little gold sparkle in its blend, but so sorry, my camera couldn’t took it perfectly..-___-

Look at the swatch here..I swapped it 1 and 2 times. You can build the color gradually.

Here’s what it look like on my lips. It looks peachy (natural light) and can be nude pink (when the day is cloudy and when you took the picture using flash).


Always using high moisturized lip balm when you put this lipstick on! The name was “honey”, but the formula is somewhat tend to dry your lips a bit. I guessed everything that comes in glitter/ sparkle always dries your skin a bit. My other lippies and glosses without sparkle on its blend don’t dry my lips compared to ones with it. So if you don’t fancy crackle lips (it’s trendy when you put it on nail, but never on lips, right?:D), use lip balm or glosses. Something like this..

Nivea lips balm! This one is the “soft rose” one. Good price, good quality, good packaging. Plus it’s pink and rosy scented :D.

But maybe using lip gloss could help you build the color so when you took picture, it wouldn’t wash your face off. Just make sure it’s high moisturized ;).

To sums up,

Packaging         : 5/5 (beautifully designed. Make it looks expensive, though it’s quite affordable)

Scent                  : 3/5 (not bad..honey and candy scented)

Formula            : 2/5 (it dries my lips if I wear it without lip balm)

Color pay-off   : 4/5 (maybe some people don’t like it because sometimes it looks pale. But I actually like this color :))

Staying power : 3/5 (depends if you wear lip balm before it or not. It lasts around 3-4 hours if you do.)


If you look for something peachy nude pink, and don’t mind wearing lip balm, this one is good for you. Plus, this one comes in pretty design ;).

But honestly, by comparing the formula, there’ re a lot of other lipsticks out there which are more moisturized, and also come in pretty design and color.

Keep searching! 😀

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Here’s another photo that recovered from ny broken HD! So you could see the smoothness of new lippie..:D


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