Skin Food Vita Tok Lipstick Review

16 Jan

I know. What kind of name is “vita tok”??

Although the name itself is weird, I find this lippie is worth to try! 🙂

In case you want to know what’s written in the casing, well, here it is..

Create watercolor lips with these shiny and bright water colors that burst vitality!

Vita Tok Lipstick adds vibrant color and shine for kissable lips.

Hmm..still don’t understand what “vita tok” means..I guessed “vita” is an abbreviation of “vitamin”, but I couldn’t think anything that have “tok” in it.

Anyhoo, let’s just leave the name and right to the review.
The only downside I could think of, is the packaging. The lippie comes in orange plastic packaging. I think this one could’ve been in a better packaging. Compared to Skinfood Honey Glossy Rouge, this one looks like a lipstick toy that little girl would like to play with.

And..the printing on the casing doesn’t last long too..

Just had this for a few months, and I came with this..

Skinfood never forget to put their angel in their products, to make sure it’s always safe and sound..

Okay. Enough about the packaging. Onto the color, this one I bought is #PK05.

smooth, silky, and lovely! 🙂

The color is lovely, yes?

Time to swatch!

Um, yeah..the color is very soft in the picture, but it come more vibrant on reality. The color is named “PK” which usually stands for “pink”, but actually it’s soft orange in swatch. But I saw another one which is named “OR” (stands for orange) and it looks very much like this, only it’s more onto orange. So I would describe the color as a soft orange with a hint of pink :D.

How does it look on the lips? Take a look..

A bit pinky on the lips..haha. But I like it, the color is so soft that you could never go wrong with wearing this lippie everyday. If I’m in a rush and need to wear some lipstick, I’ll always grab this baby and I’ll be fine ;).

My mom also bought this in other darker color, and it looks very good on the lips too..the color is just vibrant and smooth.

Beside the color, what I like most is the formula! It glides smoothly on the lips, and giving it a kissable look (so, the description on the casing is true..). And, on top of that, it doesn’t make your lips dry. I even never wear lip balm before wearing this lipstick. And the staying power is good too! So this is the magic of “vita tok”, everybody.

To sums up,

Packaging         : 2/5 (looks somewhat cheap and toy-like :()

Scent                  : 5/5 (tender fruity scent..just lovely!)

Formula            : 5/5 (smooth and vibrant, highly moisturized)

Color pay-off   : 5/5 (what you see is what you get!)

Staying power : 5/5 (lasts around 5-6 hours, more than enough for me)


“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, or in this case, “don’t judge a lipstick by it’s packaging”. Despite of the packaging, the formula and the color is awesome. Enough said. I encourage you to try this one, there’s plenty colors for everyone’ s liking :).

Thanks for stopping by!


Here is another photos that recovered from my broken hard disk ext. In case you want to see what it looks like when it’s brand new 😉


2 Responses to “Skin Food Vita Tok Lipstick Review”

  1. katislaterszirom March 5, 2012 at 6:25 am #

    I love that color. It isn’t too bold or crazy.

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