The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream Review

1 Feb

I warn you, this is just for the sake of cuteness.

There’s nothing particular you would expect from this hand cream, except its cuteness value.

But take a look, it wouldn’t hurt you..

I bought it when I visit Korea last November. Actually I intended to buy just one pot, as a gift to my friend who’s been taken care my hamsters when I was at Korea..but I was so dazzled when looking at those cute faces, so I bought one for  myself too! This is what I’m talking about..

You can't say NO to this face..

If you don’t like cats, maybe you’ll find the other variants to be cute.

The others are monkey (the yellow one), bear (the blue one), I guess. I wonder why the bear and the monkey have ears just like the cat.

When I was in Korea, I couldn’t find the monkey, it’s like the monkey has been sold out everywhere. I originally wanted to buy the monkey, since it’s fruity scented and seems to fit my friend’s liking. But the bear (baby scent) and the cat (floral scent) smells not bad, so I ended up buying them.

sorry..can't open the plastic wrap, since it's for present purpose

Anyway, let’s see what behind those cuteness!

There’s 30 ml of hand cream in this cute container. Smells not bad, and the moisturizing properties are  not bad also. Like I said before, nothing particular you would like from this one, except the cuteness factor.

The price is about $4 if you bought it in Korea, I thought it’s about $7 or more if you bought it online, so..if you happen to go to Korea and want to show the cute packaging spirit from Korea to your friends, I encourage you to buy it, since it’s quite a steal :D.


What I Like

* The container! Enough said.

* The price is affordable (if bought at Korea).

* Perfect for gift (it’s something that’s everyone could always use, despite the age or skin type, and they can always reuse the container; for me, it’s perfect for keeping candy, or liquid soap/shampoo when traveling).


What I Don’t Like

* The cream is so..plain, not high moisturized, no SPF, no anti-aging properties, just plain hand cream.

* The price is somewhat expensive if you bought it outside Korea, and the cream is not over the top, spend that much money for the cute container only.



If you like the cute container and don’t mind to spend some extra cash just to own it, go ahead and buy it. It’s also a perfect choice as a gift to your dear friend. But if you’re not a packaging-whore like me, and have been searching the high moisturized, or with anti-aging properties, or with SPF included in the formula, you may not like this product. There are many other brands, or maybe other The Face Shop hand creams, that would fit your liking. 🙂

See you at next post!


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