Korea Trip: Everland

7 Feb

It’s been a looong time since I posted about my Korea trip; now’s February, and I went there at November 2011.

I guess I better get them done, before the time fly by to November 2012..(and then I would feel so out-dated and in the end cancel to post about it..)

So! This time is about Everland! Maybe you never heard of it, but it’s the biggest theme park in the Korea. It’s like Disneyland..in fact, some say this park is a low-scale copy of Disneyland, noting the architecture, scale, themes, and general atmosphere. The architecture is like girly girl’s doll house, with pastel colors, and the theme is changed during the seasons. More about it, just go here.

Okay. Ready to go there (virtually)? Let’s go!

The front gate. Christmas theme decorated!

There’s this ski lift kind of like to be used as transportation to go to places with different heights. This place is so huge, if you bring elder people, they would likely exhausted just walking around here. But no worry, they lend wheel chair for free if you need it. Back to the ski lift, here it is..

The view from the skyline ride..

The wooden thing above is T-express, world’s steepest wooden roller coaster. Could you imagine riding the wooden roller coaster, while riding the steel one is scary enough?!

There’s none of the attraction that I can ride, because there’s a loooooong waiting line outside each attraction, and the estimated time (they put it at each attraction gate), no matter what attraction it is, approximately 45-60 minutes. Well, technically I can wait and ride them, but it’s such a wasting time. I chose to walking around and took lots of photo instead :D.

Everland is divided into 5 distinct zones; Global Fair (shop and restaurant), Zoo-Topia (small zoo, zoo themed attractions), European Adventure, Magic Land, and American Adventure.

Because my family loves animals, so we decided to go to Zoo-Topia first!

cute little foxes!

I always love this kind of ape. Btw, they can be found in Indonesia too!

There are some animal shows, fortunately we are just around the dome and the show is just about to begin, so we took a look. The show was in Korean, so we didn’t understand anything they said, but the point is to watching at the awesomeness those animals can do. And it was so cute to, they even included rodents like rabbits and guinea pigs at the show. How could they train them? Maybe I can start training my hamsters and make my own animal show..hm? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, here’s the only photo I could took, because the dome was so packed, and we sat at the back side.

There's Tarzan, and a golden retriever wearing chef hat! So cute πŸ˜€

Watched half of the show, we decided to walk around again. Time was ticking so fast there!

If you want to visit Everland, be sure to bring your camera (and make sure the battery is charged full), because every corner is worth to be taken. Examples:

Winter Wonderland!


The bucket thingie that the children bring is pop corn bucket! I bought one too..ha2, I'll show you next time πŸ˜‰

Ah. We just landed at Global Fair, the place where you would likely to change your money to some cute souvenirs. The doll house building over there is the souvenirs shop!

Girl: Dad, why can't our home be like this? Dad: *sigh* here we go again..

Ready to come inside the shops? Prepare for lots of cuteness..here we go!

I want to buy each one of them...>____<


Pastel colors rule!


die of cuteness..

There’s also cookie and candy shops..


You’d probably think the shops is more suitable for little girls (or, childish woman, like, me) rather than little boys, but there are other shops that boy might actually like; they’reΒ  the wild animal themed shop, magic themed shop, and so on. I’m just taking the girly side because I find it interesting to me ;).

There are Etude House shop near the front gate. The product is not Everland themed, sadly, it’s the same like every EH shop.

What about the older boys and men? Well, while we’re shopping, maybe they could joined the T-express waiting line..hehe. Or helping their girlfriend or wife by holding the shopping bags..(there are a lot of couple dating here).

One thing is, it’s best to go here on weekdays, so maybe the waiting line would be shorter compared to weekend. I went there on Saturday, so just imagine how packed that place was!

Did I buy something at the shop? Well yes, of course! I would regretted if I hadn’t bought at least one of those cuties. But I’ll show you onto next post, because this post is just been too long.

‘Till Next Post! πŸ™‚



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