Java Jazz Festival 2012

9 Mar

Long time no post! I got too busy with work, and when I came home, the last thing I wanted to see is my laptop monitor, since basically I’ve seen it long enough at work. I know now, that you must pull some efforts to make such a good post, and therefore salute to all bloggers who can still manage to get everyday work and frequent blogging done.

But even if I was so busy, I still made some time to attend Java Jazz Festival at March 3rd! I wouldn’t miss it for good, not only because the ticket is quite pricey, but also I always love watching jazz performance :).

Any of you happened  to attend the JJF 2012 too? If you did, maybe you met me! If you saw a girl wearing white and black blouse, taupe flat shoes, looking around like she’s always lost, that’s me! 😀

So. Onto the festival. It’s where Jazz finds its home (that’s actually what’s written at the place..). Lots of jazz musicians from around the world perform here. Sometimes it’s not pure jazz, there’s other genres as well, like pop, RnB, etc.

The first gig I saw was this..

It’s Depapepe! Japanese duo guitarists..they’re basically pop musicians, but when it come to improvisations, it’s slightly jazz I think. (I am no expert at my opinion here is just like other music enthusiasts :D)

They spoke English (and a bit Indonesian greetings) sometimes, but I understand them better when they speak Japanese, because their English pronunciation wasn’t too clear, but it’s what made them soo cute when they spoke like that! 😀

Then while me and my friends were walking around, we heard some nice tunes from one of the halls, and then we entered it..

They are amazing!

George Duke Trio. George Duke himself has been musician since a looong time ago. The songs were amazing (I thought it was RnB), it would make everyone feels so comfy and romantic. Too bad we came late..we could only caught 2 last songs! 😦

Moving on..there was Mamas Gun, from UK. They are hybrid of Maroon 5 and Jamiroquai, I think :D. Pop and funk, very interesting to listen.

The vocalist always moving, that explains the blurry photo..

Sorry for the lousy photos..we never managed to get the best spot to get the beautiful ones, so all I could do was giving the camera to my bf (since he’s taller than me) and zooming to all the performers. This is the photo you’ll be viewing if taken from my view 😀

And then, The Manhattan Transfer..

Took it from a loooong distance..

What a soothing harmony. People in this hall was sit-watching, not stand-watching like the others, maybe because the songs they performed was so tender that it might be better to watched it while sitting (I didn’t mind at all, my shoes were killing me at this point!). I wonder how they preserve their voices so well that they still sounded just like the way they were on their golden era.

And those are the only photos I got for the performers. We did watched the other performers, like Raisa (Indonesian singer), Dave Koz (you must know him, right? That famous saxophonist), but the hall where they performed was so jammed with people, I barely can moved, so getting nice photos there is out of question. Unless you find photos of people’s back heads are nice :D.

There were actually others to do, like eating at the food area, getting photos at virtual stage, or shopping merchandises. This place (Jakarta International Expo) is huuge. Sorry for the lack of photos as I decided to watch performance as much as I could rather than spending the time for hunting photos.

This is what I mean as virtual stage..

No, he’s not having imaginary friend. So, the crew took our photos together with our own selection artist. It’s actually a template on Android based gadget, but it was so fun to do and such a funny memorabilia!  I did took my photo at the virtual stage, I just hoped the crew don’t forget to notify me about the result photo :).

Tips on Attending JJF:

1. Wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes. You will spend most of your time there standing and walking, and don’t forget the humid tropical weather at Jakarta. So you can wear something stylish, but make sure it’s comfortable enough for those conditions.

2. Never bother to bring your own bottled water. Unless you’re an expert at hiding them in your bag since the crews will examine your bag to throw that bottle away.

3. Make your own schedule of who you want to watch, including what time and where they’ll perform, so you won’t spend unnecessary time just to choose who to watch when you should come early to get the good spot at the hall :D.

So that’s my JJF experience. My first one, to be exact..and I hope I’ll able to attend the next JJFs!

Anyone interested too? 😉



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