Korea Trip: Teddy Bear Museum Part 2

23 Mar

Back at our safari around Teseum!

Read the previous story here.

Short after leaving Bear Cafe, there’s a bunch of Teddy flowers! Or are they flower fairy?

Maybe we’ve come to Bear Fairytale Land. These miniatures are the signs.

Very good job at the details..

And of course, what kind of fairytale land without Shrek?

Even Puss in Boots is a bear! 😀

And Alice in Wonderland.

There are also another fairytale icons, like Snow White, Gulliver’s Travels, and other themes like Halloween, circus, kitchen, etc. So many to see!

And then..these bears are more human-like. Korean celebrities bears!

They even have movie posters like we, human do..

It's imitation of Korean movie poster, which is the smaller picture beside the frame.

And signature paint..

They even have nationalities like we do! Too bad there isn’t Indonesian bears in here..

And the Greek gods and goddesses in bear form!

This is Apollo. I don't know why he looks drunks..

But the most expensive of all the bears in this museum, is Hera Bear, worth KRW 1.12 Billion !

My guess is that tiara she's wearing is the one that makes her so expensive.

Even the decorative painting is bear related or about worshiping a bear:

The Pride of The Family. To be a real smart Teddy-Bear, I ought to comb and brush your hair.

This one is imitating the one in France (or Spain? Sorry for my lack of knowledge..^^”). When I put my hand into the mouth, the eyes went red. Kids will love this thing. But that don’t mean that I’m a kid. I guess, haha.

And then..*drum roll*

The gift shop!

This is Korea, so you’ll see plenty of pastel toned teddy bears, mini teddy bear to be hung for your cell phone or bag, other than the usual teddy bear plushies that can be found in rather every country.

Not that the plushies were ordinary. In fact, I found the fur was so soft (and not the kind that always-fall-off fur) and the body is so pillowy (is that even the word? :D).

This is the kind of shop that will make every parents’ heart thumping in anticipation, because it would likely that their little girls will take everything they see in sight.

The miniature bears in a box, hand crafted. The details were amazing, thus the expensive price. But I noticed they were made in USA. Ah, adding the hand crafted price plus the shipping price.

The first time I saw them, I wanted to own every single color they have. They made of suede-like cloth, and I can see they’re well sewn.

These are what I got!

The mini teddy bag charm. I chose white because white goes with every color. I considered brown one, but finally I found this one is cuter in its own way.

It’s made in Thailand. Do Thai ever saw this one in their country?:D

And of course the teddy plushies. I got myself one in white and blue. I can’t resist the softness and how this one is so hug-able. And as for the blue one, he’s such a beauty with his blue color, and he will be a good accent in my room of pink :).

And for the brown one, I didn’t buy it! It’s a freebie from the tour agent, given in the bus, right after we left Teseum. I was so glad that I picked the white bag charm earlier, so I now I have two different shades of bag charms!

How lucky I was :D.

So that’s it for Teseum series. I highly recommend you to visit it if you like large dose of cuteness!

‘Till next post! 😉


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