Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

13 Apr

Revlon lip butter has its buzz in many beauty blog. Plenty of colors to pick, affordable, pretty packaging, moisturizing formula..yes, it has its charm.

I got mine in Peach Parfait:

What Revlon say:

– Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
– Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
– Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
– Available in 20 luscious shades it worth to try? I’m gonna try my best to describe it. But if don’t like to read my blabbing, just look at the pictures and skip to the “overall” section are also fine ;).

The Packaging

Pretty, but it’s annoying. Yes, the Chanel-esque tube is stylish, elegant, and it match the color of the lip butter underneath it. Made of plastic, but you don’t get the cheap impression, you’ll get “pretty and fun” impression instead. But the annoying part is, it’s not easy to open the tube. Blame it on the narrow size of the bottom part. It’s hard to open it with two hands (and with not too long hand nails), let alone with one hand (and with a long hand nails). Ah.. the price of beauty.

But the upside is..this one won’t be opened unknowingly if I put it in my purse. I have some lippies that very easy to be opened, and sometime leave marks inside my purse.

Little window on top of the tube..useful when you want to peak each color at the counter.

And practice do make perfect. I managed to get used to open it now. Although I wished they could make it better, because it’s kinda silly for me to even have to be frustrated to open it several times practice to open it.

The Formula

The first time I applied it, I can smell a nice fruity, tamarind-like scent. Really fun! I wonder if each variations has different scent :).

Honestly, when I heard “lip butter”, I kinda imagined it would glide very smoothly on my lips, just like putting butter on my lips. But this stick is quite, not too buttery. However, the moisturizing properties work well; my lips stay hydrated in 3-4 hours. And I don’t bother reapplying it, thanks to the refreshing scent.

The Color Swatch

The peach in here is not like that “Korean or Japan peach”, which is more into pink than orange; this one is more into orange than pink, although if you see on my photos, it’s quite pink, because my bare lips are pink and the color pay off is sheer. As you can see, it has tiny gold shimmers in it. But the shimmers are pretty, it won’t make you look like disco ball :D. Shimmery lippies are tend to be gritty when applied, but this is an exception.

I think this one would be classified better as “tinted lip balm”, rather than “super moisturized lipstick”. Why’s that? Although the color is buildable, it won’t last long, and if you applied it just one layer, it’s quite sheer. Somehow I feel the moisturizing agents are stronger than the color pigment, and washed the color gradually :D.

Left: 2 layers, right: 1 layer

And since the result is sheer, the color pay off may differs with everybody, because everyone has different natural lips color, right? Fortunately they produce 20 shades, so there are a lot to choose from!

How it looks on my lips, taken with different layers applied, and with different exposures:

Um. I hope you don’t fed up by seeing my lips this much…

1. My bare lips; and actually, this is how my lips look like after about 4 hours wearing the lip butter: the color is faded.

2. You can see the pretty gold shimmer.

3. Still applied 2 layers, just different exposure. Thanks to the shimmer, my lips look so healthy.

4. My attempt on building the color by applying it in 3 layers. Quite orange, yes? This is more vivid in reality.

You’ll Get It For:

  • Pretty and colorful packaging
  • A combo of hydrating and color coverage
  • Lots of color to pick!
  • Refreshing scent
  • Affordable price


  • Silly tube design that’s hard to open
  • It’s a bit stiff, doesn’t glide too smoothly on the lip


If you like something “between”, this is perfect for you! It’s something between lipstick and lip balm. The glossiness is something between lip gloss and lipstick. The color pay off is medium, not too sheer, not too vivid. But I do saw at the counter that the darker color ones are quite vivid even with just 1 layer applied. And since the color pay off depend on your natural bare lips, I suggest trying the sample at the Revlon counter.

It’s not too buttery, but still does its job at hydrating lips well. It contains shimmers, but it won’t make your lips dry. It’s annoying to open the tube, but it’s such a beauty packaging. You would need to reapply it after a couple hours, but it’ll be worth it because you could smell the tasty tamarind scent. Lots of colors to pick, affordable price, and available everywhere.

The good sides conquer the bad sides. No wonder so many people want to collect these :).

All right, I’ll stop the babbling now.


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