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Sugar Plum Nail Art Tutorial

17 Apr

Another nail art tutorial!

The inspiration is…sugar plum!




Here we go!

1. Apply the base color. Two layers will do. Mine is from Etude House Petit Darling Nail Polish series. I don’t know what the serial number is, but I think it’s PP903.

I find this color is interesting, because sometimes it looks a bit grayish πŸ™‚


2. Apply the “sugar” glitter top coat. Also from Etude House, it’s LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails spangle #3 (silver).

Apply it from mid section to the tip of your nail. It’s better this way than doing it from the tip to the mid section, because we want the “sugar” getting thicker on the tip ;).


Now you get the plum and the sugar. You can end it here if you satisfied with the result. Just add 1 coat of top coat and you’re done. However, you can add more little “sugar” to make the sugar ombre more subtle. Here’s how:

3. Apply the little “sugar” top coat. Um. Yes, also from Etude House. This is from Nymph Aura Nail Polish Set (review soon!).

Apply it all over the nails.

There you have it! The sugar plum on your nail :D.


Thank you for all the image owners that I borrow the sugar plum pictures from! πŸ™‚


Welcoming Konad Stamping Nail Art

13 Feb

I know, Konad is been there since 1992 (saw it at the wrapper), and yet I’ve just begun having my fun these days.

It’s just so hard to find nice Konad seller in here. And when the OL shop where I usually buy my make up stash began to sell Konad products, I purchased some as fast as you can spell “Konad”. πŸ˜€

But I didn’t go crazy, just bought 2 image plates (m38 & m56) and essentials like stamper and scraper. I didn’t buy the special nail polish, because I was curious if I could use my usual nail polish instead. Does it work? Well, keep reading..but first, let’s take a look at those image plates..

I know most people has already known (and maybe owned) them, but I have the feeling to keep posting the photos ;p

the back side..


I didn't realize it was this pristine back then (now that I have scratched the plate quite abusively..)

And these are essentials, the stamper and the scraper..

Pastel pink! Soo Korean πŸ™‚

If you’re newbie at Konad Experience ( too, actually), you might wonder how to use those tools. But not to worry, you can get plenty explanation, instructions, and videos at their official website, YouTube, etc..just Google it and you’ll find ones.

So, do they really make pretty nail art? Yes, but you must take a LOT of practice beforehand. Basically, it’s just putting nail polish that’s left in the plate to your nails by stamping it. It’s not that easy as it looks at first, but once you get used at using them, you’ll get those pretty nail art in a few minutes.

The important point is, you must work fast, especially after you scraped the nail polish on the plate. The excess on there is very fast drying, since what’s left is just a thin layer. What I do: holding the scraper with my right hand, while my left hand is holding the stamper. So I could move the excess to the stamper just seconds after I scraped the nail polish. Here’s my attempts at getting the Konad Experience:

Even it took lots of practice to have this far-from-perfect-nail-art..

I didn’t use the special nail polish, so the result came to this, a rather low-saturated white color. Now I learn they do tell the truth about saying we should use their special nail polish (5 times thicker in formula compared to usual ones).

Some say usual nail polish can be used, but make sure it has good pigments in the formula. How to know it has or hasn’t? Well, if you can get the color on your nails as vivid as the color you see in the bottle with just one layer, then you get the good pigmented nail polish, and you may use it to stamp your nails.

I used a white nail polish come from Korean brand, The Saem. Quality is not bad, a rather ordinary nail polish that would work like the ordinary nail polish should :D. I used it on here too.

There’s one funny fact about this nail polish, smells like Vicks VapoRub, you know, that menthol cream. But the menthol scent is not noticable anymore when it’s drying. Hmm..if the scents linger even after it’s drying, I wonder if i can use it as inhaler! No, no, just kidding :D.

Here’s my another attempt at Konad Experience:

Wrap the nails with white ribbons!

None of my attempts is interesting enough to be made into tutorial, so I’m gonna practice a little more, growing my collection of nail polishes, and hoping that I’ll come up with some ideas at this Konad Experience :).

Have you tried using Konad? Or maybe using the dupes of Konad? Any special tips you would care to share? Just let me know, it’s always nice having feedback from people reading my blog :D.

Thanks for stopping by!

Skin Food Choco Smoky Nail Kit Review

25 Jan

It’s been a while since I made post about nail art related stuff. So here it is! And this post is semi tutorial too, ‘cos I’ll give you how to do it step by step πŸ˜‰

Most of girls love smokey (or smoky, written in this nail set) make up; we put it on our eyes, cheeks, and now..we can put it on our nails!

This set comes from chocolatey-tange of Skinfood. As always, their products are named based on food or edible things. This time, it’s chocolate! On nails..hmm..quite tempting. Do they smell like chocolate? Sadly no..if so, it would be very nice :D. I heard Revlon launched some scented nail, I’ll let you know if I happen to buy some! πŸ˜‰

Others from the range are eye palette, mascara, lip glosses, all in’s like putting chocolate all over your body! But, let’s focus on the nail set..

Naturally delectable gradient nails are now within reach, even in the comfort of your own home! This starter kit contains three chocolaty hues with ultrafine glitter pearls. Added vitamins and keratin boost shine and strength.Contains no formaldehyde, DBP or toluene

That’s what written on their website. On the packaging, it’s written “the chocolate makes you more sweet and deep”. I don’t understand; sweet is okay, but..deep? Well. Doesn’t matter as long as the product is good πŸ˜€

And Skinfood doesn’t disappoint us with the packaging. The box is so small and cute, even I can fit them all with my hand.

It would be nice to bring them along when you’re traveling :).

On the back of the box, there’s instruction on how to apply them..

Let me introduce you to them first! Here they are..

I love the petite and boxy bottle. I don’t mind if the quantity is maybe less than other brands, but the truth is, I never wear nail polish ’till the very last drop in the bottle. In the end, there’s always some leftover in the bottle, been cracked or the color pigment has been separated from the oil. So maybe owning mini nail polishes will make my guilty feeling (for not make use the nail polish ’till the last drop) reduced..haha πŸ˜€

Anyway. Let’s start applying them!

1. Apply one layer (or 2 if you like, but don’t apply it too thick, since this technique is layering, you’ll end up with many layers on your nail) of #1 (Nude).

I broke my forefinger it's the shortest of all 😦

2. Apply #2 (Milk Chocolate) on half (I apply it 3/4) of your nails. The direction on applying it shown at the picture below. That way, the excess of nail polish will gathered at the edge of nail, and the gradation between those two colors become more visible :).

3. Apply #3 (Deep Chocolate) on the edge, with same direction as before.

If you like the result right after you put #3 on the edge, you don’t have to proceed to next step.

But if you want the gradation to be smoother, the next step is..

4. Apply #3 again, all over your nail.

Done! Enjoy your choco smokey nails (and try not to taste it..)! πŸ˜€

The result is very glossy at’s like I’m wearing top coat after it. But let it completely dry a few hours, and the glossiness is reduced, and the gradation becomes more visible. But somehow, it’s more like tangerine than chocolate..maybe next time, I’ll try to use only #1 and #3 to make it more chocolatey.

This is how it looks within different exposures..

Do you like the choco smoky nail kit? Or have you tried the one that Etude House produces? Experiencing the smokey on my nails, I’m so tempted to try other brands too :D. Maybe nail set is so trendy in Korea right now, as Etude House and Skinfood reproduce it with different colors for different season.

My rating for this nail set is 4/5, since the result is more like tangerine or orange choco. But maybe this is what they called “warm choco”. Still, I expect it’ll be darker.

Maybe I should try the other variant (the darker ones, “chic brown”). Ah..let’s just wait and see, since this is the era of nail sets, I guessed there will be more variants in the future! πŸ˜€

Thanks for stopping by :).

Christmas and Burdastyle Inspired Nail Art

25 Dec

Lack of post because my hard disk external is having a problem (I put most of my photos for this blog in there).

Really really hope that all the data will be saved when I fix it >___<. is Christmas Day! Most of people sprucing their home, baking some cookies..but me?

Mm..I prefer sprucing my nails first! Haha..

Is that christmasy enough? I don’t have a red nail polish, so I changed it into pink one.

Made the dots and the “x” pattern with toothpick.

Having a lot of troubles at first, but I begin to get the feeling of using toothpick for nail polish in the end.

But I still left tracks of mess here and there, though. (Well, it means, more and more practice! :D)

Actually I got inspired by looking at the color combo of this Burdastyle Sewing Handbook.

Don’t the color combo pretty? πŸ™‚ When I looked at the cover, I thought “hey, I got nail polishes like this! Let’s do some nail art”:D.

About the book, it’s from the famous Burdastyle. This book is good for anyone who like to sew, beginner or experienced ones.

Pattern sheets are included in one big it! πŸ˜€

One of the most important things in sewing handbook..patterns!

I hope I have more spare time so I could try at least one of the projects in this book.

That’s all for today. Off to enjoy my holiday ;).

Merry Christmas, all! πŸ˜€

Nail Art Tutorial: Stripey

3 Nov

This tutorial is so simple that anyone (even without nail art skill) can make it. Maybe some of you have known it, but I want to share it anyway ;).

Here’s the result:

Pretty? Want to make it too? These are all you need:

  • adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • 1 nail polish for base coat
  • 1 nail polish for the stripes
  • top coat

All nail polishes I used was from Etude House:

  • Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #01 for the stripes
  • Etude House Top Coat #05
  • Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #03 for base coat

I love Etude House nail polishes. Durability is good (especially the ones with glitter), not too expensive, and they always come in cute packaging :D. Well, jump to the tutorial!

1. Cut the adhesive tape about 2-3 cm in length.

Ew. My hand looks like granny's hand. It's genetic. Well, move on.

2. Cut the tape into 3 parts. The smaller you make these parts, the smaller the gap between each stripes. Make these parts about 10 pieces.

3. Leave the tapes. Apply base coat to your nails. I applied it twice.

4. Let the base coat perfectly dried. Then put the tapes on your nails. Make sure there’s no slit at the brown area (see picture), so the second nail polish don’t leak below the adhesive tape.

5. Put all the tapes on your nails. Put the rest of of the tape onto your finger.

It's zombie mode πŸ˜€

6. Apply the second nail polish at the part of the nail which isn’t covered by adhesive tape. It’s OK if you apply it a bit excessively until it layer the tape, as long as it don’t go below the tape.

7. Once again, wait until it perfectly dried. Then, detach all the tapes. It should look like this:

8. Apply top coat, and you’re done! πŸ™‚

If you do this tutorial, please link back here. I want to see yours too! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚