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Sugar Plum Nail Art Tutorial

17 Apr

Another nail art tutorial!

The inspiration is…sugar plum!




Here we go!

1. Apply the base color. Two layers will do. Mine is from Etude House Petit Darling Nail Polish series. I don’t know what the serial number is, but I think it’s PP903.

I find this color is interesting, because sometimes it looks a bit grayish 🙂


2. Apply the “sugar” glitter top coat. Also from Etude House, it’s LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails spangle #3 (silver).

Apply it from mid section to the tip of your nail. It’s better this way than doing it from the tip to the mid section, because we want the “sugar” getting thicker on the tip ;).


Now you get the plum and the sugar. You can end it here if you satisfied with the result. Just add 1 coat of top coat and you’re done. However, you can add more little “sugar” to make the sugar ombre more subtle. Here’s how:

3. Apply the little “sugar” top coat. Um. Yes, also from Etude House. This is from Nymph Aura Nail Polish Set (review soon!).

Apply it all over the nails.

There you have it! The sugar plum on your nail :D.


Thank you for all the image owners that I borrow the sugar plum pictures from! 🙂


Etude House Pink Tonic Lip Glass Review

3 Dec

First time I saw this lip glass, I kinda hesitate to buy it, because the color is like..transparent.

I thought the color pay-off was bad, that this is just some sheer color lip glass.

But how I was wrong!

This is how the lip glass looks in its bottle..

I got mine #3, the peach shade.

The packaging is very Etude House..pink and sweet!

see? almost transparent..

How does it look on the lips? Look at the picture below,  I put it on my lips and my hand.

The lip glass is gradually become pinker and pinker (no peach shade at all, although I picked the peach one!).

The shade is more like hot pink in real (my camera couldn’t took the color well..haha).

I kinda disappointed because I want the color to be peach shade, but this one is hot pink, which I can pull off everyday (peach shade is more wearable to me).

But, staying power is so..good that after I rubbed my hand (many times, believe me) with tissue and my finger, it’s still stay there!

Wow. It’s like the combination of lip tint and lip gloss. With the strong formula, I think this will make my sensitive skin (I have tons of allergies..) react or what, but it doesn’t. Etude House lip glosses always have the best formula, I think.

To sums up,

Packaging          : 3/5 (nothing special, just minimalistic sweet)

Scent                   : 3/5 (hmm..nothing particular, almost unnoticed)

Formula            : 5/5 (non sticky, but not runny too, doesn’t react on sensitive skin)

Color pay-off   : 3/5 (if I want the hot pink shade, I’ll give it 5. But the color is so much different from the label’s name, “peach” and the look from the bottle)

Staying power: 5/5 (it’s like you infuse pink tonic to your lips. Hey, so the lip glass’ name is very suitable :D)


If you expect to have peach lip gloss, don’t buy it. You’ll get the hot pink shade instead. But, people who love hot pink lip tint with glossy effect will love it! The staying power is just so super strong, and it’ s suitable for sensitive lips.

I wondered, does it come hot pink in other people too, or just me?

Have anyone tried?:D

Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling Review

22 Nov

Living in the city, faced with pollution everyday, excess of dirt and make up..it makes sense that our skin have so many dead cell on its surface.

Want to get rid of it?

You can do it through peeling. I find that peeling is more effective and less painful than exfoliating by using scrubs product. Well, maybe high-end ones would do well, but if cheaper ones will do..why not using it? 😉

So! I heard so many good things and recommendations about this Etude House peeling. It’s not a new product from them, and it’s like its resistance through years make it more curious for me to try it 🙂

Here’s what it’s like:

Cute packaging & princessy..it’s so Etude House..

What was written in back:

Magic Bubble Peeling (Creamy Mousse Foam Facial Peel)

Magic Bubble Peeling contain cellulose powder and enzymes to whiten complexion and remove oil, dirt, and excess. Its thick, creamy texture is delicate to the skin.

Directions: Shake and hold the bottle with its top facing down when dispensing. Pump to dispense and apply foam to face, massaging thoroughly across entire surface for 3 minutes. Rinse excess off with water. Use 1-2 times per week.

Ok. Let’s do it.

Pump the bottle (be careful. Don’t pump too hard as you may get more than what you need).

At first, I was a little shocked because of its scent. All of Etude House product has soft, sweet, and non-arguably nice scent. Their lip glosses, powders, and even the blushers. But this one smells like..a glue! Yes, like that paper glue we use to attach stamp or else. Euh. Okay, let’s try to ignore it..

Now massage thoroughly with circular motion..

Until the foam is reduced and something like this appear..

The foam disappear and that thing is getting bigger..

Rinse off  with water and..tada! Look at how different between my peeled hand and not peeled one!

Wow. Despite the glue scent, this product works well.

That thing remained on the skin is rolled dead skin, mixed with excess make up (I swipe some loose powder before the peeling. So that’s why the dead skin became beige). The foam removed them wonderfully. It makes my skin brighter, smoother, and looking healthier 😀

To sums up:

Packaging       : 5/5 (cute & pump type makes the product more sterilized)

Scent                : 1/5 (err..soft scent like soap will be better..except this one has another function..a glue! Haha)

Effectiveness: 5/5 (removes dirt fast, the foam is fun to massage with, and wonderful result)


It’s worth to buy! For $12, this one comes in 120ml, and using it twice a week, this would run a long time. Though the unpleasant scent, this product do its job well and makes the peeling time so fun to do 😀

Have you tried it?

Any other recommendation for peeling product? Do share 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Nail Art Tutorial: Stripey

3 Nov

This tutorial is so simple that anyone (even without nail art skill) can make it. Maybe some of you have known it, but I want to share it anyway ;).

Here’s the result:

Pretty? Want to make it too? These are all you need:

  • adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • 1 nail polish for base coat
  • 1 nail polish for the stripes
  • top coat

All nail polishes I used was from Etude House:

  • Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #01 for the stripes
  • Etude House Top Coat #05
  • Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #03 for base coat

I love Etude House nail polishes. Durability is good (especially the ones with glitter), not too expensive, and they always come in cute packaging :D. Well, jump to the tutorial!

1. Cut the adhesive tape about 2-3 cm in length.

Ew. My hand looks like granny's hand. It's genetic. Well, move on.

2. Cut the tape into 3 parts. The smaller you make these parts, the smaller the gap between each stripes. Make these parts about 10 pieces.

3. Leave the tapes. Apply base coat to your nails. I applied it twice.

4. Let the base coat perfectly dried. Then put the tapes on your nails. Make sure there’s no slit at the brown area (see picture), so the second nail polish don’t leak below the adhesive tape.

5. Put all the tapes on your nails. Put the rest of of the tape onto your finger.

It's zombie mode 😀

6. Apply the second nail polish at the part of the nail which isn’t covered by adhesive tape. It’s OK if you apply it a bit excessively until it layer the tape, as long as it don’t go below the tape.

7. Once again, wait until it perfectly dried. Then, detach all the tapes. It should look like this:

8. Apply top coat, and you’re done! 🙂

If you do this tutorial, please link back here. I want to see yours too! Thanks for reading 🙂