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Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

13 Apr

Revlon lip butter has its buzz in many beauty blog. Plenty of colors to pick, affordable, pretty packaging, moisturizing formula..yes, it has its charm.

I got mine in Peach Parfait:

What Revlon say:

– Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
– Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
– Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
– Available in 20 luscious shades

So..is it worth to try? I’m gonna try my best to describe it. But if don’t like to read my blabbing, just look at the pictures and skip to the “overall” section are also fine ;).

The Packaging

Pretty, but it’s annoying. Yes, the Chanel-esque tube is stylish, elegant, and it match the color of the lip butter underneath it. Made of plastic, but you don’t get the cheap impression, you’ll get “pretty and fun” impression instead. But the annoying part is, it’s not easy to open the tube. Blame it on the narrow size of the bottom part. It’s hard to open it with two hands (and with not too long hand nails), let alone with one hand (and with a long hand nails). Ah.. the price of beauty.

But the upside is..this one won’t be opened unknowingly if I put it in my purse. I have some lippies that very easy to be opened, and sometime leave marks inside my purse.

Little window on top of the tube..useful when you want to peak each color at the counter.

And practice do make perfect. I managed to get used to open it now. Although I wished they could make it better, because it’s kinda silly for me to even have to be frustrated to open it several times practice to open it.

The Formula

The first time I applied it, I can smell a nice fruity, tamarind-like scent. Really fun! I wonder if each variations has different scent :).

Honestly, when I heard “lip butter”, I kinda imagined it would glide very smoothly on my lips, just like putting butter on my lips. But this stick is quite stiff..so, not too buttery. However, the moisturizing properties work well; my lips stay hydrated in 3-4 hours. And I don’t bother reapplying it, thanks to the refreshing scent.

The Color Swatch

The peach in here is not like that “Korean or Japan peach”, which is more into pink than orange; this one is more into orange than pink, although if you see on my photos, it’s quite pink, because my bare lips are pink and the color pay off is sheer. As you can see, it has tiny gold shimmers in it. But the shimmers are pretty, it won’t make you look like disco ball :D. Shimmery lippies are tend to be gritty when applied, but this is an exception.

I think this one would be classified better as “tinted lip balm”, rather than “super moisturized lipstick”. Why’s that? Although the color is buildable, it won’t last long, and if you applied it just one layer, it’s quite sheer. Somehow I feel the moisturizing agents are stronger than the color pigment, and washed the color gradually :D.

Left: 2 layers, right: 1 layer

And since the result is sheer, the color pay off may differs with everybody, because everyone has different natural lips color, right? Fortunately they produce 20 shades, so there are a lot to choose from!

How it looks on my lips, taken with different layers applied, and with different exposures:

Um. I hope you don’t fed up by seeing my lips this much…

1. My bare lips; and actually, this is how my lips look like after about 4 hours wearing the lip butter: the color is faded.

2. You can see the pretty gold shimmer.

3. Still applied 2 layers, just different exposure. Thanks to the shimmer, my lips look so healthy.

4. My attempt on building the color by applying it in 3 layers. Quite orange, yes? This is more vivid in reality.

You’ll Get It For:

  • Pretty and colorful packaging
  • A combo of hydrating and color coverage
  • Lots of color to pick!
  • Refreshing scent
  • Affordable price


  • Silly tube design that’s hard to open
  • It’s a bit stiff, doesn’t glide too smoothly on the lip


If you like something “between”, this is perfect for you! It’s something between lipstick and lip balm. The glossiness is something between lip gloss and lipstick. The color pay off is medium, not too sheer, not too vivid. But I do saw at the counter that the darker color ones are quite vivid even with just 1 layer applied. And since the color pay off depend on your natural bare lips, I suggest trying the sample at the Revlon counter.

It’s not too buttery, but still does its job at hydrating lips well. It contains shimmers, but it won’t make your lips dry. It’s annoying to open the tube, but it’s such a beauty packaging. You would need to reapply it after a couple hours, but it’ll be worth it because you could smell the tasty tamarind scent. Lots of colors to pick, affordable price, and available everywhere.

The good sides conquer the bad sides. No wonder so many people want to collect these :).

All right, I’ll stop the babbling now.


Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail Polish Review

30 Mar

Pastel color and milky nails? Yes, please! 😀

And it come in the most suitable packaging for milky color..baby bottle!

They come in various milk-color range, you can pick your most desired milk..

It’s almost impossible to buy these at Indonesia (some said it’s discontinued), but when I was in Korea, it was easy to spot them at Skin Food outlets/ stores (although not every outlet/ store carry the all the colors)! I’ve been wanted to own them for soo long, and actually I wanted to buy more than just two, but ended with just the blue and green one.

So..is it good?

Some people who’ve reviewed this, mention that this one have poor color pay off. My first attempt on applying it turned out to be prove that their reviews are right.

Applying one coat of BL002..

But hey, it came quite good for the darker color..

This is just 1 coat! Looks promising..

I ended up applying 2 coats of BL003 (the blue) and 3 coats of BL003 (the lime green).

Cute & Tasty!

The Good

1. Cutest packaging ever for milky tones nail polish (enough said).

2. Lots of color range.

3. The price is quite affordable if you bought it at Korea or maybe online seller.

The Bad

1. Have to apply it 2-3 times to get the color seen on the bottle.

2. Take a long time to dry (especially if you applied 2-3 coats).


I like the concept of this nail polish, the combo of cute baby bottle packaging and various range of milky tones :D. Although it require extra effort to get the color seen on the bottle, such as applying double (triple for fairer tones) and waiting them to dry, it will pay off in the end. This is worth to try! 🙂

Go have your own milky nails 😉

Skin Food Choco Smoky Nail Kit Review

25 Jan

It’s been a while since I made post about nail art related stuff. So here it is! And this post is semi tutorial too, ‘cos I’ll give you how to do it step by step 😉

Most of girls love smokey (or smoky, written in this nail set) make up; we put it on our eyes, cheeks, and now..we can put it on our nails!

This set comes from chocolatey-tange of Skinfood. As always, their products are named based on food or edible things. This time, it’s chocolate! On nails..hmm..quite tempting. Do they smell like chocolate? Sadly no..if so, it would be very nice :D. I heard Revlon launched some scented nail polishes..hm, I’ll let you know if I happen to buy some! 😉

Others from the range are eye palette, mascara, lip glosses, all in chocolate..it’s like putting chocolate all over your body! But, let’s focus on the nail set..

Naturally delectable gradient nails are now within reach, even in the comfort of your own home! This starter kit contains three chocolaty hues with ultrafine glitter pearls. Added vitamins and keratin boost shine and strength.Contains no formaldehyde, DBP or toluene

That’s what written on their website. On the packaging, it’s written “the chocolate makes you more sweet and deep”. I don’t understand; sweet is okay, but..deep? Well. Doesn’t matter as long as the product is good 😀

And Skinfood doesn’t disappoint us with the packaging. The box is so small and cute, even I can fit them all with my hand.

It would be nice to bring them along when you’re traveling :).

On the back of the box, there’s instruction on how to apply them..

Let me introduce you to them first! Here they are..

I love the petite and boxy bottle. I don’t mind if the quantity is maybe less than other brands, but the truth is, I never wear nail polish ’till the very last drop in the bottle. In the end, there’s always some leftover in the bottle, been cracked or the color pigment has been separated from the oil. So maybe owning mini nail polishes will make my guilty feeling (for not make use the nail polish ’till the last drop) reduced..haha 😀

Anyway. Let’s start applying them!

1. Apply one layer (or 2 if you like, but don’t apply it too thick, since this technique is layering, you’ll end up with many layers on your nail) of #1 (Nude).

I broke my forefinger nail..so it's the shortest of all 😦

2. Apply #2 (Milk Chocolate) on half (I apply it 3/4) of your nails. The direction on applying it shown at the picture below. That way, the excess of nail polish will gathered at the edge of nail, and the gradation between those two colors become more visible :).

3. Apply #3 (Deep Chocolate) on the edge, with same direction as before.

If you like the result right after you put #3 on the edge, you don’t have to proceed to next step.

But if you want the gradation to be smoother, the next step is..

4. Apply #3 again, all over your nail.

Done! Enjoy your choco smokey nails (and try not to taste it..)! 😀

The result is very glossy at first..it’s like I’m wearing top coat after it. But let it completely dry a few hours, and the glossiness is reduced, and the gradation becomes more visible. But somehow, it’s more like tangerine than chocolate..maybe next time, I’ll try to use only #1 and #3 to make it more chocolatey.

This is how it looks within different exposures..

Do you like the choco smoky nail kit? Or have you tried the one that Etude House produces? Experiencing the smokey on my nails, I’m so tempted to try other brands too :D. Maybe nail set is so trendy in Korea right now, as Etude House and Skinfood reproduce it with different colors for different season.

My rating for this nail set is 4/5, since the result is more like tangerine or orange choco. But maybe this is what they called “warm choco”. Still, I expect it’ll be darker.

Maybe I should try the other variant (the darker ones, “chic brown”). Ah..let’s just wait and see, since this is the era of nail sets, I guessed there will be more variants in the future! 😀

Thanks for stopping by :).

Skin Food Vita Tok Lipstick Review

16 Jan

I know. What kind of name is “vita tok”??

Although the name itself is weird, I find this lippie is worth to try! 🙂

In case you want to know what’s written in the casing, well, here it is..

Create watercolor lips with these shiny and bright water colors that burst vitality!

Vita Tok Lipstick adds vibrant color and shine for kissable lips.

Hmm..still don’t understand what “vita tok” means..I guessed “vita” is an abbreviation of “vitamin”, but I couldn’t think anything that have “tok” in it.

Anyhoo, let’s just leave the name and right to the review.
The only downside I could think of, is the packaging. The lippie comes in orange plastic packaging. I think this one could’ve been in a better packaging. Compared to Skinfood Honey Glossy Rouge, this one looks like a lipstick toy that little girl would like to play with.

And..the printing on the casing doesn’t last long too..

Just had this for a few months, and I came with this..

Skinfood never forget to put their angel in their products, to make sure it’s always safe and sound..

Okay. Enough about the packaging. Onto the color, this one I bought is #PK05.

smooth, silky, and lovely! 🙂

The color is lovely, yes?

Time to swatch!

Um, yeah..the color is very soft in the picture, but it come more vibrant on reality. The color is named “PK” which usually stands for “pink”, but actually it’s soft orange in swatch. But I saw another one which is named “OR” (stands for orange) and it looks very much like this, only it’s more onto orange. So I would describe the color as a soft orange with a hint of pink :D.

How does it look on the lips? Take a look..

A bit pinky on the lips..haha. But I like it, the color is so soft that you could never go wrong with wearing this lippie everyday. If I’m in a rush and need to wear some lipstick, I’ll always grab this baby and I’ll be fine ;).

My mom also bought this in other darker color, and it looks very good on the lips too..the color is just vibrant and smooth.

Beside the color, what I like most is the formula! It glides smoothly on the lips, and giving it a kissable look (so, the description on the casing is true..). And, on top of that, it doesn’t make your lips dry. I even never wear lip balm before wearing this lipstick. And the staying power is good too! So this is the magic of “vita tok”, everybody.

To sums up,

Packaging         : 2/5 (looks somewhat cheap and toy-like :()

Scent                  : 5/5 (tender fruity scent..just lovely!)

Formula            : 5/5 (smooth and vibrant, highly moisturized)

Color pay-off   : 5/5 (what you see is what you get!)

Staying power : 5/5 (lasts around 5-6 hours, more than enough for me)


“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, or in this case, “don’t judge a lipstick by it’s packaging”. Despite of the packaging, the formula and the color is awesome. Enough said. I encourage you to try this one, there’s plenty colors for everyone’ s liking :).

Thanks for stopping by!


Here is another photos that recovered from my broken hard disk ext. In case you want to see what it looks like when it’s brand new 😉

Skin Food Honey Glossy Rouge Review

6 Jan

Good bye 2011, welcome 2012! Happy (belated) New Year, all! 😀

I wanted to wait ’till my hard disk is recovered, but I miss blogging so much..so I took some new pictures, and made this review :). Maybe if all my data in the HD could be saved, I’ll upload the better pictures..wish me luck..

So! Anyone ever heard of this lippie? Here it is..

The packaging comes in plastic, but it’s painted in silver metal-like, so it gives the  product “the expensive feel”.

I bought no. 606, and don’t know the lippie’s name, ‘coz I don’t read Korean :D.

As always, the skin food angel is encrusted at it..

So, what about the color? It comes in peachy nude pink..um, if you confused, just look at this one below..

This one also has little gold sparkle in its blend, but so sorry, my camera couldn’t took it perfectly..-___-

Look at the swatch here..I swapped it 1 and 2 times. You can build the color gradually.

Here’s what it look like on my lips. It looks peachy (natural light) and can be nude pink (when the day is cloudy and when you took the picture using flash).


Always using high moisturized lip balm when you put this lipstick on! The name was “honey”, but the formula is somewhat tend to dry your lips a bit. I guessed everything that comes in glitter/ sparkle always dries your skin a bit. My other lippies and glosses without sparkle on its blend don’t dry my lips compared to ones with it. So if you don’t fancy crackle lips (it’s trendy when you put it on nail, but never on lips, right?:D), use lip balm or glosses. Something like this..

Nivea lips balm! This one is the “soft rose” one. Good price, good quality, good packaging. Plus it’s pink and rosy scented :D.

But maybe using lip gloss could help you build the color so when you took picture, it wouldn’t wash your face off. Just make sure it’s high moisturized ;).

To sums up,

Packaging         : 5/5 (beautifully designed. Make it looks expensive, though it’s quite affordable)

Scent                  : 3/5 (not bad..honey and candy scented)

Formula            : 2/5 (it dries my lips if I wear it without lip balm)

Color pay-off   : 4/5 (maybe some people don’t like it because sometimes it looks pale. But I actually like this color :))

Staying power : 3/5 (depends if you wear lip balm before it or not. It lasts around 3-4 hours if you do.)


If you look for something peachy nude pink, and don’t mind wearing lip balm, this one is good for you. Plus, this one comes in pretty design ;).

But honestly, by comparing the formula, there’ re a lot of other lipsticks out there which are more moisturized, and also come in pretty design and color.

Keep searching! 😀

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Here’s another photo that recovered from ny broken HD! So you could see the smoothness of new lippie..:D

Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder Review

14 Dec

Wow. Just logged in to WordPress and found out that I have 5 followers to receive email notifications.

It amazed me that somebody out there want to hear (or read, in this case) what I’m saying or on my mind.

Thank you :). I’ll try not to disappoint you all 😀

Here’s another review of one among many of my Korean cosmetics haul.

Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder! Take a look..

Pretty design, yes? I admit the reason why I’m interested in buying this is because of  its beautiful design..haha.

But then I browsed about it, and it looks like this loose powder has wonderful oil control, and this one seems to be steady best seller of Skin Food product. Hmm, very tempting.

So, when I went to Korea, I couldn’t resist to buy one. The packaging  is a bit bulky for loose powder..it’s about 4 cm in height!

Open up, and you’ll find this super soft puff..

Above the puff, there’s sticker to ensure the product was sterilized..(Why do I keep on saying unimportant things like this? To make you feel like you have the real product in front of you, actually :D)

Strip the sticker off..

Soft floral scent was wafted as I opened the sticker. It’s not strong, just very pleasant floral scent :D.

Let’s take a look of its color! Lift the shifter..

I got mine #23, the natural beige. There are other shades, #10 (transparent), #21 (skin beige), and #40 (lavender).

I have yellow under toned skin, so I choose the natural one. The other colors will make me look like I’m wearing flour on my face.

Anyway..back onto review, here’s the swatch..

This time, I thought, "Thanks God I only bought one.."

At first, I was like..”what?! It’s too pale!” but I stayed calm and gently rubbed it..

This time, I thought, "Why did I buy just one?"

And it blend perfectly on my skin! Phew..

To sums up,

Packaging: 5/5 (super cute and beautiful, looks like you bought an expensive powder, but in fact  it’s affordable!)

Scent         : 5/5

Formula   : 4/5 (if it stays longer, like 5-6 hours, I’ll give it 5! :D)

Puff            : 5/5 (very soft, easy to handle, no complaint so far)

Price         : 5/5 (around 8.000 won {if I’m not mistaken} for 23 gr, it’s around $7..very affordable for good product like this!)


A good product indeed. No wonder it’s been a steady best seller. Although I expect it would stay longer, like 5-6 hours (the oil control is about 3-4 hours on my skin), it’s still a keeper for oil control product. The powder is so soft, don’t worry about being overdone in applying it since it would blend perfectly in your skin (but make sure you choose the right shade for you, of course).

The bad side is..most of the shades are made for fair skin women. Not much for darker skin ladies.

But for fairer skin women with oily skin, try this one! It’s fun to use, cute to have, and affordable for a good product like this :).

Etude House Pink Tonic Lip Glass Review

3 Dec

First time I saw this lip glass, I kinda hesitate to buy it, because the color is like..transparent.

I thought the color pay-off was bad, that this is just some sheer color lip glass.

But how I was wrong!

This is how the lip glass looks in its bottle..

I got mine #3, the peach shade.

The packaging is very Etude House..pink and sweet!

see? almost transparent..

How does it look on the lips? Look at the picture below,  I put it on my lips and my hand.

The lip glass is gradually become pinker and pinker (no peach shade at all, although I picked the peach one!).

The shade is more like hot pink in real (my camera couldn’t took the color well..haha).

I kinda disappointed because I want the color to be peach shade, but this one is hot pink, which I can pull off everyday (peach shade is more wearable to me).

But, staying power is so..good that after I rubbed my hand (many times, believe me) with tissue and my finger, it’s still stay there!

Wow. It’s like the combination of lip tint and lip gloss. With the strong formula, I think this will make my sensitive skin (I have tons of allergies..) react or what, but it doesn’t. Etude House lip glosses always have the best formula, I think.

To sums up,

Packaging          : 3/5 (nothing special, just minimalistic sweet)

Scent                   : 3/5 (hmm..nothing particular, almost unnoticed)

Formula            : 5/5 (non sticky, but not runny too, doesn’t react on sensitive skin)

Color pay-off   : 3/5 (if I want the hot pink shade, I’ll give it 5. But the color is so much different from the label’s name, “peach” and the look from the bottle)

Staying power: 5/5 (it’s like you infuse pink tonic to your lips. Hey, so the lip glass’ name is very suitable :D)


If you expect to have peach lip gloss, don’t buy it. You’ll get the hot pink shade instead. But, people who love hot pink lip tint with glossy effect will love it! The staying power is just so super strong, and it’ s suitable for sensitive lips.

I wondered, does it come hot pink in other people too, or just me?

Have anyone tried?:D