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14 May


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1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging (or whose blogs you enjoy the most).
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So here they are..

7 Random Facts About Me:

1. I LOVE popcorn! I can eat around 30 x 30 x 30 cm box full of popcorn daily. That’s why I was called “Popcorn Queen” when I was at dormitory house by my friends :D.

2. Some say I change my personality when I’m just wake up. A friend tell me it’s like waking up a lion from sleeping! Lol! It’s just I’m not a morning person..

3. I still love Disney. The characters, the movies, the music. Never fail to entertain me.

4. My nicknames are cat-related. Just because I have syllable “mi” in my name. So my friends call me “miaw” (me-ow in English) or nyao ( or γ«γ‚ƒγŠ, Japanese word for “me-ow”). But in fact, I’m allergic to cat. Ironic..

5. I’m terrible when it come to cooking. Having a bf working as a chef doesn’t help too, because in the end, he will always take care of everything..haha. Someday I’ll make a proper meal for him..someday..

6. Have a girl crush to celebrity who is combination of brain and beauty..such as Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, or Kim Tae Hee πŸ™‚

7. I used to apply concealer as my lip balm. No kidding. And furthermore, it’s not a lip concealer, but the usual concealer you use to hide pimples, spots, etc! I looked pale like a corpse, and I didn’t care. Geez, my #makeupfailure.

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10. Cosmetic Candy

11. Universal Doll

12. Elle & Ish

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15. Nesssasary Makeup

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Sugar Plum Nail Art Tutorial

17 Apr

Another nail art tutorial!

The inspiration is…sugar plum!




Here we go!

1. Apply the base color. Two layers will do. Mine is from Etude House Petit Darling Nail Polish series. I don’t know what the serial number is, but I think it’s PP903.

I find this color is interesting, because sometimes it looks a bit grayish πŸ™‚


2. Apply the “sugar” glitter top coat. Also from Etude House, it’s LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails spangle #3 (silver).

Apply it from mid section to the tip of your nail. It’s better this way than doing it from the tip to the mid section, because we want the “sugar” getting thicker on the tip ;).


Now you get the plum and the sugar. You can end it here if you satisfied with the result. Just add 1 coat of top coat and you’re done. However, you can add more little “sugar” to make the sugar ombre more subtle. Here’s how:

3. Apply the little “sugar” top coat. Um. Yes, also from Etude House. This is from Nymph Aura Nail Polish Set (review soon!).

Apply it all over the nails.

There you have it! The sugar plum on your nail :D.


Thank you for all the image owners that I borrow the sugar plum pictures from! πŸ™‚

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

13 Apr

Revlon lip butter has its buzz in many beauty blog. Plenty of colors to pick, affordable, pretty packaging, moisturizing formula..yes, it has its charm.

I got mine in Peach Parfait:

What Revlon say:

– Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
– Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
– Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
– Available in 20 luscious shades it worth to try? I’m gonna try my best to describe it. But if don’t like to read my blabbing, just look at the pictures and skip to the “overall” section are also fine ;).

The Packaging

Pretty, but it’s annoying. Yes, the Chanel-esque tube is stylish, elegant, and it match the color of the lip butter underneath it. Made of plastic, but you don’t get the cheap impression, you’ll get “pretty and fun” impression instead. But the annoying part is, it’s not easy to open the tube. Blame it on the narrow size of the bottom part. It’s hard to open it with two hands (and with not too long hand nails), let alone with one hand (and with a long hand nails). Ah.. the price of beauty.

But the upside is..this one won’t be opened unknowingly if I put it in my purse. I have some lippies that very easy to be opened, and sometime leave marks inside my purse.

Little window on top of the tube..useful when you want to peak each color at the counter.

And practice do make perfect. I managed to get used to open it now. Although I wished they could make it better, because it’s kinda silly for me to even have to be frustrated to open it several times practice to open it.

The Formula

The first time I applied it, I can smell a nice fruity, tamarind-like scent. Really fun! I wonder if each variations has different scent :).

Honestly, when I heard “lip butter”, I kinda imagined it would glide very smoothly on my lips, just like putting butter on my lips. But this stick is quite, not too buttery. However, the moisturizing properties work well; my lips stay hydrated in 3-4 hours. And I don’t bother reapplying it, thanks to the refreshing scent.

The Color Swatch

The peach in here is not like that “Korean or Japan peach”, which is more into pink than orange; this one is more into orange than pink, although if you see on my photos, it’s quite pink, because my bare lips are pink and the color pay off is sheer. As you can see, it has tiny gold shimmers in it. But the shimmers are pretty, it won’t make you look like disco ball :D. Shimmery lippies are tend to be gritty when applied, but this is an exception.

I think this one would be classified better as “tinted lip balm”, rather than “super moisturized lipstick”. Why’s that? Although the color is buildable, it won’t last long, and if you applied it just one layer, it’s quite sheer. Somehow I feel the moisturizing agents are stronger than the color pigment, and washed the color gradually :D.

Left: 2 layers, right: 1 layer

And since the result is sheer, the color pay off may differs with everybody, because everyone has different natural lips color, right? Fortunately they produce 20 shades, so there are a lot to choose from!

How it looks on my lips, taken with different layers applied, and with different exposures:

Um. I hope you don’t fed up by seeing my lips this much…

1. My bare lips; and actually, this is how my lips look like after about 4 hours wearing the lip butter: the color is faded.

2. You can see the pretty gold shimmer.

3. Still applied 2 layers, just different exposure. Thanks to the shimmer, my lips look so healthy.

4. My attempt on building the color by applying it in 3 layers. Quite orange, yes? This is more vivid in reality.

You’ll Get It For:

  • Pretty and colorful packaging
  • A combo of hydrating and color coverage
  • Lots of color to pick!
  • Refreshing scent
  • Affordable price


  • Silly tube design that’s hard to open
  • It’s a bit stiff, doesn’t glide too smoothly on the lip


If you like something “between”, this is perfect for you! It’s something between lipstick and lip balm. The glossiness is something between lip gloss and lipstick. The color pay off is medium, not too sheer, not too vivid. But I do saw at the counter that the darker color ones are quite vivid even with just 1 layer applied. And since the color pay off depend on your natural bare lips, I suggest trying the sample at the Revlon counter.

It’s not too buttery, but still does its job at hydrating lips well. It contains shimmers, but it won’t make your lips dry. It’s annoying to open the tube, but it’s such a beauty packaging. You would need to reapply it after a couple hours, but it’ll be worth it because you could smell the tasty tamarind scent. Lots of colors to pick, affordable price, and available everywhere.

The good sides conquer the bad sides. No wonder so many people want to collect these :).

All right, I’ll stop the babbling now.

How to Remove Sticky Stain With Baby Oil

11 Apr

Just a quick tips from me. I hope it would be useful, particularly to clean your precious make up casing :D.

Sticky stain. It appears usually when you removed stickers or price tags from mostly any surface. Here’s how to remove that stubborn and annoying residue.

What You Need:

  • a piece of clean, dry tissue
  • baby oil

You might wonder, don’t the baby oil gonna make the stain stickier, since it’s oil? Well, no. In fact, the theory is: the sticky stain consists of oil too, and we need oil to remove the oil!

OK, got the thing you want to clean? Mine is a lipstick tube, and it got the stain from removing the sticker on top of it.

First, don’t wash or clean or practically make the stain wet. It would be harder to remove the stain that way. Always clean the stain when the surface is dry.

Wet the tissue with a few drops of baby oil.

Yeah. That's Revlon Lip Butter tube πŸ˜€

Wipe onto the stain with the tissue a few times..

If the stain is really stubborn, or the stained area is quite large, you can just drop the baby oil onto the surface directly.

As you can see, the oil residue is rolled up, like a ball of glue (it’s like dead skin cells when you use peeling product)..

When all of the stain is rolled up, you can just wipe it all with a piece of tissue..

And, tada! The stain is gone, and now you can enjoy the smoothness of your make up container without feeling something sticky :). If you wish to remove the baby oil residue, washing the surface with soap will do, but leave it unwashed also fine.

Maybe you ask, since the stain consists of oil, can it be removed by washing the surface with dish soap (as it does its job by removing oily stain mostly)?

Well, I did tried to remove sticky stain with it, but it doesn’t work efficiently. I figured, using baby oil on the dry surface works best.

The other tips I ever heard mentions to use petroleum jelly as well. I thought it would work too, though I never use one to cleaning anything. I think it’s such a waste, if you can use the cheaper-and-work-well baby oil, why bother to use the more expensive petroleum jelly? πŸ˜‰

Beside plastic, what other materials does this method work on too?

Leather (synthetic and genuine), glass, ceramic, acrylic, generally materials that don’t absorb oil or water, or the ones that don’t produce oil stain after you cleaned the sticky stain.

I like to clean my (synthetic) leather bags or wallet with baby oil too. Although you may find it don’t work on sticky cloth. On cloth, just use the safe way, your regular detergent.

Don’t use this method on materials such as:

Paper, cardboard, wood, velvet, suede, generally materials that absorb oil or water, or the ones that produce oil stain after you cleaned the sticky stain.

I know there are some sticky stain removers in the market today, some are specialized to work on particular material, but my point in this tips is, this is the cheap yet effective way by using the common baby oil, and it’s multipurpose too! You can use it to moisturize your skin or clean your make up as well.

So that’s it! Hope it helps :).

Korea Trip: Korean Food

9 Apr

Another post from my Korea Trip!

This time, it’s about food :D.

The day I arrived at Korea, it was November 11th (11-11), and it was Pepero Day! So the travel agent gave us, the tour members, a pack of Pepero Stick!

It’s cookie stick, dipped in hazelnut chocolate, and sprinkled with almond (or is it cashew?..I’m not an expert at food, actually..haha). Sweet!

And let me introduce you to Korean cuisine (and snacks)..

Korean Grilled Chicken

just looking at the photo makes me drooling..

That’s Korean style grilled chicken, or Korean chicken BBQ. It tasted so juicy! I don’t know what kind of sauce they use to marinate the chicken, but it tasted so damn good. After the meat grilled perfectly, you cut it with large meat scissors, and eat it with rice. Another way of eat it: wrap the meat and a spoonful of rice in a piece of lettuce. Yum!

Pork Stew

Um. I forgot what is the exact name of this it pork stew or pork bulgogi (Thank God I’m not a food excuse me for this ;))?

The pork chops tastes sweet, so is the soup. Do anyone who read this know what the name yet? I like how they cooked the meat and the potato, soo..tender πŸ˜€

What the restaurant looks like:

what they watched: Doraemon in Korean πŸ˜€

In Korean, there are many family based restaurant, for example, the father cook, the mother handle the cash, the son wash the dishes, and the daughter as the waitress. That’s it, no more employees. So I guess not many part timers at the Korean restaurant, unlike in, well, Indonesia for example.

Lotte Chocolate

Almost every snack I saw at Korean mini marts are from Lotte. It’s like the dominance of Hyundai and KIA in Korean automotive, and it’s like almost every household in Korea have Samsung or LG appliances. I’m amazed at how they love their own domestic products.

Back at chocolate! I forgot to take picture of the chocolate inside those boxes, but the picture at the box is picturing what’s inside almost perfectly, so don’t worry! How about the taste? They are delicious, but not particular delicious..if you know what I mean. (Ugh. I’m so bad at describing food..haha)

Mushroom Soup

Warming your heart with this healthy soup! There are about 4 different kinds of mushrooms inside, together with other vegetables, and tofu. The soup doesn’t taste too mushroom-y though, it’s a bit bland actually. Healthier food usually taste bland, doesn’t it? But it’s really good for your body, due to lots of vegies there.

Black Sesame Candy

When we leaved the mushroom soup restaurant, there’s a nice old man giving us each this candy. He’s a snack seller outside the restaurant, so this candy is a sample of his goods. Tastes good (and it’s a freebie!:D).

with cute packaging πŸ™‚

Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce

I never got a chance to know what this menu called, but I’m sure it’s fish and the sauce on top of it was tartar sauce because my bf once made me one :).

If you wonder what’s the western restaurant look like in Korea:

Despite the western menu and ambience, they still provide kimchi and other Korean side dish. It’s like everytime you eat at Korean restaurant, you’ll always find kimchi! Kimchi is like..kerupuk (Indonesian fried cracker) or sambal (chili sauce) in Indonesia :D.

Look at their cute napkin (and thekimchi beside it):

Salmon Chirashizushi

It’s not Korean food, it’s Japanese. But I’m curious about the taste, is it better than sushi in Indonesia?. And beside, this chirashizushi looks tempting.

I bought it at the food court in Doota!, a shopping mall in Seoul. I tested the cashier by ordering the food with Japanese (I heard many Japanese come to Korea for shopping), but unfortunately he doesn’t understand Japanese, and in the end, we use “Tarzan language”, pointing at the menu, and so on..haha.

After finishing the order and paying it, he gave me this thing:

Buzz! Buzz!

At first I thought it’s our number table, and there will be a waiter bringing our order to the table where I sit and place the thing on. But after a while, it keeps buzzing and buzzing, and I realized that we supposed to come back to the stand to pick up our order ourselves.

In Indonesian food court, there’s always waiters or waitresses to serve you, such as bringing your order, and cleaning the table after you’ve finished eating. In Korea, you must remember to do it yourself :).

So how’s the sushi taste? It’s great! Lots of salmon and other ingredients, miso soup, and come in huge portion, for only KRW 13.500 (around IDR 108.000). Quite a steal!

Gim French Fries

“Gim” is seaweed sheets, in Japanese it’s called “nori”, often used in sushi, or gimbab in Korea.

It’s actually nothing important to be mentioned to represent Korean food, and it’s in hotel breakfast buffet, but still, I like it a lot :D. Come with cherry tomato, salad, smoked salmon, and sausages:

Korean Instant Noodles

After the tour ended for the day, my big bro and me used to buy instant noodles to be eaten at the hotel (it’s unhealthy, but well, in the name of food tasting..;)). Different days, different noodles. These are ones of the best:

Spaghetti Ramen and Cheese Bokki! There’s no photo of the cooked noodles, as it was so yummy I forgot to take it..but they do resemble the picture in the wrapper..

I like how they design the packaging, so if you want to pour the water you use to cook the noodle, just poke the marked lid with your chopstick (They don’t include the chopsticks or fork inside, you’re supposed to provide one yourself).

Ginseng Chicken with Rice and Noodle

Our travel agent declared that this is the most expensive meal through the entire tour. I think what makes it so expensive is the ginseng. So what is it look like?

That’s a bowl of soup, with whole chicken (young chicken, not the adult one) filled with a piece of ginseng, and eaten with noodle and rice. How to eat: slice the chicken, put the noodle (or/and rice) inside the chicken, and eat it!

Take a closer look:

The soup is, a bit bland according to Indonesian taste, but I think it’s healthy because not much salt or artificial seasoning (which are unhealthy) in it, just the broth from the chicken. And the pot is super hot! I think it’s supposed to be like that to tenderize the meat, which is super tender.

Korean Seafood

Well, not entirely seafood. The whole package include crabs, fried fish, some boiled pork meat, seaweed soup (yummy! I like this very much.), gim, other seaweed cuisine (which I don’t know what it’s called), and other side dishes like kimchi etc.

I can’t eat seafood, because I’m allergic to most of seafood, and I don’t fancy swollen lips or rashes on my skin. No hard feeling though, as I can eat all that seaweed! *seaweed fan*

Food Buffet in Jeju Island

I don’t know if there’s another food buffet like this in Korea (but I’m quite sure there are..), but the one that I visited was in Jeju Island. They provide multinational dishes, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Western mostly. From sushi, udon, pizza, fried rice,Β  apricot juice, salad with lemon sauce, madeleine, just name it :D.

A bit of Italian, a bit of Japanese:

Delicious pastries:

All in all, Korean food is healthy and yummy. Indonesian people who are raised with spicy and rich of taste food would find it bland and unappealing, though (that’s why the travel agent suggest us to bring our own sambal, tomato sauce, or abon). But for people like me who like non-spicy and quite a bland food would fancy the food!

Or if you like kimchi and don’t like the bland food, you’ll be fine since you can find kimchi easily in every restaurant in Korea. I, myself don’t like kimchi that much until I had eaten it for 10 days in a row, and finally understand why Korean people can’t seem to eat without it.

There is one cute fact about kimchi. Korean usually say this during taking photos, pronounced as “ˈkΙͺmtΚƒi/“, to attain that smiling look with emerging teeth :D.

So, do you like Korean food? Or just the kimchi? πŸ˜‰

Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail Polish Review

30 Mar

Pastel color and milky nails? Yes, please! πŸ˜€

And it come in the most suitable packaging for milky bottle!

They come in various milk-color range, you can pick your most desired milk..

It’s almost impossible to buy these at Indonesia (some said it’s discontinued), but when I was in Korea, it was easy to spot them at Skin Food outlets/ stores (although not every outlet/ store carry the all the colors)! I’ve been wanted to own them for soo long, and actually I wanted to buy more than just two, but ended with just the blue and green one. it good?

Some people who’ve reviewed this, mention that this one have poor color pay off. My first attempt on applying it turned out to be prove that their reviews are right.

Applying one coat of BL002..

But hey, it came quite good for the darker color..

This is just 1 coat! Looks promising..

I ended up applying 2 coats of BL003 (the blue) and 3 coats of BL003 (the lime green).

Cute & Tasty!

The Good

1. Cutest packaging ever for milky tones nail polish (enough said).

2. Lots of color range.

3. The price is quite affordable if you bought it at Korea or maybe online seller.

The Bad

1. Have to apply it 2-3 times to get the color seen on the bottle.

2. Take a long time to dry (especially if you applied 2-3 coats).


I like the concept of this nail polish, the combo of cute baby bottle packaging and various range of milky tones :D. Although it require extra effort to get the color seen on the bottle, such as applying double (triple for fairer tones) and waiting them to dry, it will pay off in the end. This is worth to try! πŸ™‚

Go have your own milky nails πŸ˜‰

Korea Trip: Teddy Bear Museum Part 2

23 Mar

Back at our safari around Teseum!

Read the previous story here.

Short after leaving Bear Cafe, there’s a bunch of Teddy flowers! Or are they flower fairy?

Maybe we’ve come to Bear Fairytale Land. These miniatures are the signs.

Very good job at the details..

And of course, what kind of fairytale land without Shrek?

Even Puss in Boots is a bear! πŸ˜€

And Alice in Wonderland.

There are also another fairytale icons, like Snow White, Gulliver’s Travels, and other themes like Halloween, circus, kitchen, etc. So many to see!

And then..these bears are more human-like. Korean celebrities bears!

They even have movie posters like we, human do..

It's imitation of Korean movie poster, which is the smaller picture beside the frame.

And signature paint..

They even have nationalities like we do! Too bad there isn’t Indonesian bears in here..

And the Greek gods and goddesses in bear form!

This is Apollo. I don't know why he looks drunks..

But the most expensive of all the bears in this museum, is Hera Bear, worth KRW 1.12 Billion !

My guess is that tiara she's wearing is the one that makes her so expensive.

Even the decorative painting is bear related or about worshiping a bear:

The Pride of The Family. To be a real smart Teddy-Bear, I ought to comb and brush your hair.

This one is imitating the one in France (or Spain? Sorry for my lack of knowledge..^^”). When I put my hand into the mouth, the eyes went red. Kids will love this thing. But that don’t mean that I’m a kid. I guess, haha.

And then..*drum roll*

The gift shop!

This is Korea, so you’ll see plenty of pastel toned teddy bears, mini teddy bear to be hung for your cell phone or bag, other than the usual teddy bear plushies that can be found in rather every country.

Not that the plushies were ordinary. In fact, I found the fur was so soft (and not the kind that always-fall-off fur) and the body is so pillowy (is that even the word? :D).

This is the kind of shop that will make every parents’ heart thumping in anticipation, because it would likely that their little girls will take everything they see in sight.

The miniature bears in a box, hand crafted. The details were amazing, thus the expensive price. But I noticed they were made in USA. Ah, adding the hand crafted price plus the shipping price.

The first time I saw them, I wanted to own every single color they have. They made of suede-like cloth, and I can see they’re well sewn.

These are what I got!

The mini teddy bag charm. I chose white because white goes with every color. I considered brown one, but finally I found this one is cuter in its own way.

It’s made in Thailand. Do Thai ever saw this one in their country?:D

And of course the teddy plushies. I got myself one in white and blue. I can’t resist the softness and how this one is so hug-able. And as for the blue one, he’s such a beauty with his blue color, and he will be a good accent in my room of pink :).

And for the brown one, I didn’t buy it! It’s a freebie from the tour agent, given in the bus, right after we left Teseum. I was so glad that I picked the white bag charm earlier, so I now I have two different shades of bag charms!

How lucky I was :D.

So that’s it for Teseum series. I highly recommend you to visit it if you like large dose of cuteness!

‘Till next post! πŸ˜‰